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Headless Nation

Die Band, der harte Kern

Patrick McMullan"Screeming Lord Such", "Dr. Feelgood", "Count Bishops", Gastmusiker bei "Motorhead" usw.,

Die Band, weitere Mitglieder

After Crying,

Zoltan Devenyi"Sziami

Oliver Kramer

Die Musik/CD


euro 17.- inkl. 20% VAT/MwSt. excl. Versand / shipment

- "The result is a CD which is not just music for today but music of a timeless nature that will be appreciated long time into the future." -

Headless Nation are:


Patrick McMullan:


Keys and synths, voice



Peter Pejtsik: Fiddle, bass, voice



Oliver Krammer: Drums



Zoltan Devenyi: Lead guitar


Headless Nation can be booked on request especially together with "The Count Bishops" and "Tice & Evans".


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