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Rita Skof © 2007

Die Frauenfolkband W.i.t.Ch. wurde

Mit diesem Programm hat W.i.t.Ch. bereits auf zahlreichen gespielt und zwei CDs (2001) und (2004).

engagiert, die auf dem E-Bass

Die Besetzung lautet jetzt:

  • Karin Renner - Whistles, keltische Harfe
  • Birgit Glawischnig - Akustische Gitarre, Akkordeon


  • W.i.t.Ch. have a diverse sound: wild romantic, fresh and modern at the same time and all roots in European traditional music. Mystic, easy-living and melancholic melodies are collected, mixed with original stuff and interpreted in a new way. This creates a genre that is best described with the term "European world music".
  • While in the beginning the repertoire was dominated by Irish, Scottish and French music, W.i.t.Ch. have visited almost all of Europe's regions in the meantime. Recently the traditional music of Eastern Europe has become a great inspiration.
  • Something that really makes W.i.t.Ch. stand out is their singing in parts and the number of languages they sing in: Meanwhile the witches sing in more than 10 languages and each of them has solo songs in the repertoire.

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euro 17.- inkl. 20% VAT/MwSt. excl. Versand / shipment